Riding Tips

Now you can ride along the former Junction and Breakwater railroad right-of-way (flat!) through peaceful fields, quiet neighborhoods and marshlands. Many sections are tree lined (shady!). The trail is complete providing a Rehoboth all-the-way to Lewes adventure. Now you can enjoy an away from traffic ride through nature on broad hard packed trail.

Renting a bike at the beach is much more than cruising the boardwalk! Our self guided bike tours will take you to: parks, trails, scenic countryside, ocean coastline.

Visit places like: Delaware Seashore state park, Indian River Inlet, historic Lewes, Silver Lake, Cape May ferry tour, Junction & Breakwater trail, and much, much more!

New bikes every year. We sell our bikes before they show any wear.

other bike rental rate packages available

50% Deposit required TOTAL COST due at pick up



1/2 Day



Hybrid Hybrid $10 $25 $30 $80
Comfort Comfort $10 $25 $30 $80
Beach Cruiser Boardwalk Cruiser $8 $16 $24 $60
Kids Bikes Kids Bikes $8 $16-$20 $25 $55-$65
Tandem Cruiser Tandem Cruiser $20 $40 $60 $140
ACCESSORIES Hour 1/2 Day Day Week
Trail A Bike Trail a Bike $8 $20 $25 $50
Trailer Trailer $8 $20 $25 $65
Baby Seat Child Seat $5 $8 $10 $18
Jogger Jogger $5 $15 $20 $45
Wheelchair $7 $16 $20 $70

Twilight Special!

Pick up after 4pm and return the next morning by 10am. Keep the bike overnight for early evening and morning riding and still only pay the half-day rate!